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Mar 4 2011

Congratulations to our contest winners!

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Thanks to all who played in this month’s Turtle Island Imports Facebook contest. The question was, “How do you use your Turtle Island Imports Sarong?”

We had a lot of creative responses and fabulous picture submissions. The grand prize for best picture wins $25 gift certificate to The three most creative, interesting or funny answers to this question win any sarong we have in stock, up to a $15 value, including free shipping.

The first winner is LyzaJo, who wrote thisĀ  poem. Congratulations, you have won a sarong!

LyzaJo wins a free sarong for her poem!

Be lenient with lobsters, and kind to crabs,
And be not disrespectful to starfish or dabs;
Chase not the Cochin-China, chaff not the ox obese,

And babble not of feather-beds in the company of geese.
Be tender with the tadpole, and let the limpet thrive,
Be merciful to mussels, don’t skin your eels alive;
When talking to a turtle don’t mention calipee–

Be always kind to animals wherever you may be
Wear a sarong, and forever happy you and I will be

The second sarong prize goes to Jody, for her inspirational sarong fashion. She says, “I first started wearing your beautiful sarongs after my mastectomy. They helped me feel beautiful, camouflaged and comfortable…I still wear them on weekends when I just don’t feel in the mood to wear my prosthesis but still want to look pretty!” Thanks Jody!

Jody is wearing the tie dye rainbow sarong by Turtle Island Imports

Jody is wearing the tie dye rainbow sarong by Turtle Island Imports

Michael wears our sarongs on the job – he’s a Pirate! Arg, avast ye matey. Ye have plundered a free sarong!

Michael the Pirate

Michael the Pirate sports a sarong on his head.

The grand prize goes to our favorite picture submitted by Paul, who writes, “We dress up in our sarongs and go out for cocktails.” Looks like a great party, Paul! Congratulations, you have won a $25 shopping spree at Remember, we sell much more than just our popular sarongs. We have Indian tapestries, home decor, mukluks and hundreds of unique products!

Paul and his fabulous friends

Paul and his fabulous friends wear sarongs by Turtle Island Imports